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“TODO SOBRE RUEDAS” (Everything On Wheels) offers a vast variety on the latest trends in the

automobile industry, covering the most amazing and innovative technologies of this endless manufacturing world.

“TSR” promises to be a unique, informative and fun show.      

is the first show about cars/automobiles in the Hispanic television market that entertains and informs  viewers on what’s new, what’s good, what’s useful as well as the latest trends and features in

automotive matters, using simple language that is easily understood.
Hosted by former Univision Communications anchor/reporter Camilo Montoya, who brings his

reporting knowledge, talent, wonderful sense of humor and creativity to this production.

TODO SOBRE RUEDAS covers everything about the automotive industry and maintains the audience updated on the latest technological features, special events coverage, presents useful information on saving money,  and investigates all the latest curiosities and trends in automotive.
TODO SOBRE RUEDAS will cover a wide range of topics, from the established and most recognized auto shows to specials such as “celebrity visits” to their homes in order to give viewers a look at their tastes and preferences in cars and everything on wheels. 

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