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A day like any other in the life of ordinary people turns into a special, unique day that will change their life forever. 


Today, situations will come up for someone, just like to any of us... but a an out of place reaction, a wrong answer or maybe a simple mistake or unfortunate decision, will trigger a series of events which will make the day go...  

From Bad To Worse.


From David Barski, Executive Producer of “Amas de Casa Desesperadas”, the US Spanish language version of Desperate Housewives, come this new and suspenseful thriller series.


Sixty minutes of suspense and nerve racking tension, where one thing leads to another, twisting and churning into an explosive chain of events… with no turning back. In an instant life changes forever...

Stories that push the limits of time and take us to the edge of desperation and the feeling of no escape.

A series of 26 individual episodes, with impactful plotlines, emotions, uncertainty, borderline decisions, only one thing is for sure: a point of no return will scar a life forever.

The involved will act in very unconventional, unsuspecting manners.

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