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"AGARRATE" is a new exciting TV show featuring the 
worlds most amazing theme parks, thrill rides,exhibitions, 
museums and attractions, in a youthful, entertaining format. 
Feel the thrills of blurring speed and g-forces of riding 
the worlds most sophisticated coaster rides...without 
leaving the sofa. 
Be bewildered by the technology and robotics 
behind awe-inspiring animatronics attractions…and get 
soaked by images of the worlds most exhilarating water parks...!!! 
Join Karla Cervantes and her friends in their quest to find 
the most incredible theme parks, exhibitions, events, 
and attractions from around the world.!!!

But "AGARRATE" is not only about the rides; we highlight 
everything that’s great about the theme parks we visit. 
From the fantastic themes to the architecture and environment 
and from the many attractions to the music, entertainment 
and food...everything that makes these parks wonderful to visit.

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